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Westward Part Number: MIS23-0-3-17-3
Commodity Class: Special Order, Not Returnable
Mfr Part #: 23-0-3-17-3

Only available by the skid (80 bags) or ½ skid (40 bags).

• 23% Nitrogen: Your lawn’s major requirement for overall growth and development.
• 3% Potassium: Like a radiator, creates tolerance to climate conditions, grass hardiness.
• 17% Sulphur: Aids in maintaining dark green color and correlates with Nitrogen addition.
• 3% Iron: Necessary for chlorophyll reaction contributes to green coloration of lawn.

HOW IT WORKS... The Need For N-P-K
Since the soil cannot provide optimum nutrient levels for lawn health and growth, fertilizing is necessary to provide the required nutrients. Each nutrient in a fertilizer provides a unique benefit to your lawn.
Nitrogen (N): Is what your grass requires for overall growth and development, providing the foundation for producing green color.
Phosphate (P): Is the nutrient responsible for producing healthy roots and increased shoots. Shoots are new growth rising from the roots.
Potash (K): Is essential for building grass hardiness. This nutrient provides the basis for your grass to be more tolerant to a variety of climate conditions with an increased resistance to disease.

Secondary Nutrients
Secondary nutrients, which are often not supplied in many lawn fertilizers, are also required for exceptional lawn care. Some geographical locations present adequate amounts in the soil while others are lacking.
GroundKeeper Lawn Fertilizer has added the following secondary nutrients:
Sulphur (S): The additional sulphur aids in maintaining the dark green color while encouraging more vigorous plant growth.
Iron (Fe): Iron is the most commonly found natural soil nutrient deficiency.
GroundKeeper Lawn Fertilizer contains iron which helps your grass to develop a beautiful dark green color.

Directions for Use
After applying to lawn, watering is recommended for quicker response and better granule dispersion when applied to a dry lawn.
Watering is mandatory to prevent lawn burning when application has been made to a wet lawn.
GroundKeeper Lawn Fertilizer will not burn your lawn when used as directed.
Do not hand spread.
Do not apply on newly seeded or sodded lawn until it has been mowed four times.

Recommended Rates
For best results, apply at the rate of between 2.75 to 4.5 kg per 100 sq.meters or 6 to 10 lb per 1000 sq.ft.
For quicker greening and extended color, use the heavier rate.

Spreading Tips
When applying, grass should not touch the bottom of the drop spreader. Mow tall grass before applying.
To avoid possible staining, sweep or brush particles off any type of walks, driveways, and any other surfaces.
Follow directions on your spreader.
We recommend the lawns be fertilized several times per growing season, with applications occurring four to six weeks apart.

Storage and Disposal
Store fertilizer in original bag, tightly closed, and keep away from children and pets.
When bag is empty, discard in household garbage.
Spreading Pattern
For complete coverage, cut the recommended application rate in half and apply evenly in a criss-cross manner.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Eye contact with contents may cause irritation. Avoid contact with eyes. Flush eyes with water as soon as possible.